PFS-100 Small Milling Filter

PFS-100 Small Milling Filter

1. Size of the machine 25x70 cm weight 37 kg.
2. Water Separation System is suitable for operators selling tofu.
3. The machine has a milling system inside the tofu machine. Soybean meal filter
4. Comfortable Tofu Machine Tofu is easy to use, just soaked soybeans. Pour in the machine. Then slowly pour water. When the machine is turned on. The machine will grind beans. Separation of water and waste in different directions.
5. The tofu machine. The whole stainless steel. Make it better than steel.
6. Easy to use. The machine can set the grinding resolution. Choose how much water to concentrate.
7. Power 220 volt motor 1 force.
8. Capacity of 10-20 kg / hr.

6,750 THB


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